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Gaming PC AMD Ryzen 7 Tempest

PC Konfigurator

Learn to win with the Tempest!

Get ready for epic battles, thrilling races, and adventurous explorations of the infinite gaming universe! With the Tempest you are perfectly equipped to experience super fluid gameplay in your favorite games. A real highlight is the powerful multi-core CPU. It delivers enormous performance and at the same time offers you multitasking at its best! The graphics card is also impressive and convinces across the board. With this combination, you'll always achieve enough FPS to be able to concentrate on your gaming career undisturbed. The technical marvel is packaged in a stylish case with side window to offer you and your friends a magnificent view into the interior of your Dream Machine.

Super fast thanks M.2 SSD!

To make sure nothing slows down your new system, Megaport installs super-fast M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) memory. SSDs offer a considerable advantage in data management through maximum access performance with minimum response times. M.2 SSDs top it all off. Starting the PC system within a few seconds is easily possible. Applications, programs and especially games are also loaded much faster!

Adjust your configuration easily!

If you like the setup but prefer a different graphics card or want to install an additional component, for example, you can customize everything to your liking through our PC configurator with live compatibility check! This way you can customize your companion and don't have to make any compromises! And if you still have questions about your new gaming PC from Megaport, you can always contact our competent support team, which will help you with words and deeds!

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